Kuralan Kylämäki (FI)

Kuralan Kylämäki (Kurala Village Hill) is a division of the Turku Provincial Museum and is owned by the the City of Turku. The purpose is to offer answers for questions concerning ancient living in Finland.

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Not only do they demonstrate living in the countryside after WWII in a village in SW-Finland, they also demonstrate and research ancient technology and work. This site has been in continuous use from the Iron Age up to present times.

Kurala Village Hill is situated on a Iron Age dwelling site but it does not contain any bigger reconstructions. Research goes as wide as from the Stone Age up to the Middle Ages. A blade smith is active all year round. A famous event is the annual ”week of ancient technology. The idea for the museum derived from archaeologists and still the research and also the guiding activities are run by archaeologists. Research projects are usually limited to last one season, but for example an Iron Age female dress reconstruction lasted several years and produced several reports.

Picture by A. Malion


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