Lands Museum (NO)

Lands Museum is located above the village centre of Dokka. We are a local museum of the Søndre og Nordre Land kommuner. The museum was established in 1927 to document and preserve the history of the Country. Today the museum is a centre for cultural and natural history, and is active with conservation and international wetland work.

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In the open air area we have over 35 historic buildings that reflect the region's architectural style from the Middle Ages up to the 1900s. One of the houses is a reconstructed smoke cottage from right before the time the Black Death struck this area (1349). It was built in 2002 based on excavations in Oslo and Uppland County.
We have enjoyed building conservation in focus, as a result, our administration building expanded by reusing a barn from Nerlaus in Søndre Land. Here you can see varying exhibitions. The museum offers concerts and different types of events in a special atmosphere.
LANDHANDELEN is our museum shop, here you will find local products, books and fine gifts, and it is possible to sit down with a cup of coffee and slice of cake. The shop is open all year.

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