Limesturm at the Mahdholz (DE)

The Limes-Park at Rainau is about 6 kilometres long with 11 stations. One of them is the Limes tower in the Mahdholz near Rainau-Schwabsberg.

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It was built in two phases. The foundations were conserved and a reconstruction of the Limes wall of about 1 meter wide and three meters tall is right next to it. This wall marks the 2nd construction phase dating to about 180 AD. A few meters further you will find the first phase tower reconstructed in wood, originally dating to about 165 AD. From the tower you have a great view across a part of the still visible border to the castle and the peaks of the Ostalb. The old reconstruction was replaced in 2008 by a new one. The key can be borrowed at the Rathaus / City Hall of Schwabsberg.

Picture by Dan7


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