Littleton Historical Museum (US)

For more than 30 years, the Littleton Museum has served as the primary repository for the history, art, and culture of Littleton. Located on 39 acres, the museum consists of two living history farms (one from the 1860’s and one from the 1890’s), a small lake, a collections center, and a main exhibition and administration building.

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The main building was renovated and expanded in 2004, increasing the structure’s square footage from 9,000 to almost 32,000. The new building, which opened in February 2005, houses the museum’s four galleries, research center, lecture hall, educational classrooms, and offices.

Often cited as one of the top ten local history museums in the United States, the Littleton Museum has an outstanding reputation within the museum community. It is one of only 700 museums to be fully accredited by the American Association of Museums, and one of only 140 members (the only Colorado museum represented) of the Smithsonian Affiliates.

1859 - 1902

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