Living Hunter’s Museum of the Ju/’Hoansi, Xa Oba (NA)

Apart from getting to know the fascinating ancient culture of the Ju/’Hoansi, native to the Kalahari desert for thousands of years, experiencing a real hunt with hunters from the Living Museum is the focal point.

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Here the traditional bow hunt with poisoned arrows, the digging out of spring hares and porcupines, the snare catching of guinea fowls, khoraans and other birds for the daily hunt for food has never been terminated. The San living in this area are actually the only ones of their cultural group that are officially allowed to still hunt traditionally. Thus they still master the art of reading tracks and are delighted if visitors show special interest herein. The opportunity for visitors to be able to take part in such a hunt is also unique. An English-speaking Ju/'Hoansi accompanies the guests and translates everything the hunters are showing and explaining.

The museum is member of the Museums Association of Namibia; the LCFN is member of EXARC.

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