Mas des Tourelles (FR)

On the Roman Via Domitia (connecting Spain to Italy) there used to be a Roman villa, producing amphorae on a large scale. This villa was excavated in two campaigns (1980-1983 by the CNRS and 2000-2002).

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Archaeologists found a pottery kiln for the amphorae and parts of the farm, but many areas remain unexplored. New excavations are being conducted. The Roman villa excavations are now covered with a vineyard, with a reconstructed area next to it.

The main theme at the Mas de Tourelles farm and vineyard is wine in Roman Antiquity. Experiments were made with recipes by Pliny and by now, a Roman vineyard and wine cellar for vinification have been built, following more Roman descriptions and archaeological information. In the cellar, every day of the Roman “wine year” is lived again, Grapes are harvested by guides in period costume and trampled by the “slaves” followed by being pressed with a large oak press. The wines are aromatised following the Classic recipes. The Roman wines produced at Mas de Tourelles are available at several places in France and Germany. The different types are called by ancient names: Mulsum (aperitif), Turriculae (dry wine, complex taste) and Carenum (aperitif, smoky and caramel).


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