Middelalderlandsbyen (DK)

The medieval village is a collection of reconstructed houses, from 1350, with livestock. The village is the starting point for a lot of fun and educational experiences, and is an obvious historical excursion destination for you as a school or for your whole family.

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The museum was established in 1999 by Brøndby Municipality as an offer for the municipality's primary schools. This was the year when museums, cultural institutions, theaters and primary schools in Denmark focused on the Middle Ages.
On a daily basis, the village is a living part of Brøndby Municipality with a bunch of happy and committed people who sow, build, sew, smith, take care of the animals, cover and make firewood and do things and do things.
The medieval village must be experienced for a day with 25 school children playing, hitting ropes and casting tin. It must be experienced with the smell of tar and freshly cut hay. It must be sensed to the sound of children playing and the blacksmith's hammer clanging against the anvil in the forge.
The medieval village is an offer for schools and other institutions in Brøndby Municipality, but you can also visit with family or friends. The medieval village is open 365 days a year. Take your family under the arm and take a walk around the street and see the houses.


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