Middeleeuws erf Schothorst (NL)

The State Archaeological Service (RACM) was situated in Amersfoort for decades. One of the most impressive archaeological campaigns were the 1970s excavations of Dorestad at Wijk bij Duurstede. This led to the idea of reconstructing one of the longhouses but where? In their own back yard?

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The municipality Amersfoort agreed with the idea and the municipal ecological service also saw possibilities. The area at Landgoed Schothorst had just been settled as centre for Natural and Environmental Education; a perfect spot and goal was found.
1987, the reconstruction was completed with annexes and fields with crops, as a genuine centre for nature and environmental education. From the very beginning, this was a project meant for education, reserved to schools form the own municipality, not so much for tourism. Focus was on the natural environment. With the late 1990s, living history use of the farm started and the farm “de Bergkamp” was expanded and made fit for tourist access besides of the pedagogic character. With the city expanding closer to the farm, it also got a new role as petting zoo.
7 September 2010, the building with all offices, classrooms and archives was destroyed by fire.

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