Mittelalterliche Bergstadt Bleiberg (DE)

In the 1970s, Dr. Schwabenicki was searching for a Slawic fortified settlement (the nearby city is called Sachsenburg) but found a Medieval mountain village instead: Bergstadt Blyberge (Bleiberg).

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In 1991 an association with this name was founded in the village Frankenberg with the goal to rebuild the old mountain village. The daily life of the medieval-urban life should be presented including the lead mining. There is a bath and a small restaurant or tavern as well as a hut for the charcoal maker, a baking house, a dying house, a plating smith, a caster and a wood working workshop. Both Grubenhaus technique and building in log construction were used. The log construction houses have a foundation of dry stone and include some wattle and daub walls in the higher areas. The village is built with low budget workforce and the volunteers of the association who are also responsible for several events and living history demonstrations fitting to the 12th – 14th century.

Picture by Juana Kressner

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