Mundo Aborigen (ES)

Overlooking the Barranco de Fataga, the biggest and most dramatic gorge on the island, you will find Mundo Aborigen fun and theme park, Parque Rural de Ayagaures.

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This is a reconstruction of an ancient village devoted to the way of life of the Guanche who were the first known inhabitants of the Canary Islands, having migrated to the archipelago sometime between 1000 BC and 100 BC. The last expressions of their culture date to the 15th century AD.

The park tells about the pre-Hispanic culture by means of over 100 life size mannequins arranged in scenes form daily life. The recorded animal sounds which go with it add to the atmosphere. A marked trail leads through vivid descriptions of everything, from a butcher gutting a goat, a doctor making a surgery, a farmer sowing a field to a convict being executed with a stone...

A small archaeological museum to emphasise highlights of Guanche culture. Mundo Aborigen has been declared ‘Place of Cultural, Social and Historical Interest’ by the local government.


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