Museo y Parque Arqueológico Cueva Pintada (ES)

The archaeological site of the cave was discovered by accident in 1862, but it was only from the seventies that the beautiful geometric paintings that give the name to the place were secured and the area explored. The cave resulted to be one in a system of caves. Unfortunately, the paintings were still at risk of disappearing and the cave had to be closed to the public in 1982. The archaeological park was part of a national project by the ministry in 1986. Excavations were carried out from 1987 and resulted in the discovery of a settlement around the cave with more than 70 houses dating from the 6th to the 16th century AD. The most sophisticated technologies for conservation are used at the cave and the houses have been restored in situ.

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The park is provided by a museum building with permanent exhibitions and the archaeological area is covered for a surface of 5000 square meters. After visiting the museum and the archaeological area, the visitor is brought inside a reconstructed house fully furnished to explain the daily life of the Canarian people before the Spanish conquest. Facilities for recovery and analysis of archaeological artefacts clearly show that the place is a research centre too. The didactic area provides space for activities.
The park has developed a character named Arminda, a child that aids the little ones in understanding how life was like also through a nice dedicated website. The park has opened also a shop in which artisan products directly inspired from the past are on sale and won the prize “Hispania Nostra” in 2012.


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