Museum Domus - Julióbriga (ES)

Close to the site of the famous Roman town of Juliobriga, in Cantabria, in the small village of Retortillo, the Domus museum provides the interpretation centre for the Roman town. Juliobriga was founded in the age of Octavian and was abandoned in the half of the 3rd century AD. The site was explored since its identification (end of the 18th century) and was excavated in many sessions providing an archaeological area of great interest and beauty.

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The regional government of Cantabria opened in 2003 the Domus museum. Within the museum the visitor finds a permanent exhibition about the story of the town and some of the most interesting artefacts. But the building itself is a witness of the Roman splendour. It is the reconstruction of a Roman villa excavated in the town and known as the “casa de los Morillos”. In the villa school groups can have a guided theatrical tour through all the spaces of the Roman house, entirely reconstructed and furnished according to the archaeological findings. Didactic activities, such as how to write on a wax tablet or pottery making, are available for school groups of all ages.



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