Muzey Khokhlovka (RU)

The architectural and ethnographic museum Khokhlovka (Russian: Архитектурно-этнографический музей «Хохловка») is the first open-air museum of wooden architecture in the Ural. It is located in the Perm municipal district, on the right bank of the Kama River, 43 km from Perm.

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Khokhovka includes 23 unique wooden monuments from the 17th to the early 20th centuries that were moved here from different places of the Perm Krai. These structures represent the best examples of traditional and cult architecture of the peoples of the Kama region. Some of them are reconstructed, like a 1905 watchtower, copy of a 17th century original, from the Suksunsky District. The natural landscape is an important asset to the museum.

The most important events are "Seeing Maslenitsa", the military reconstruction festival “Great Manoeuvres on the Khokhlovky Hills” and the international ethnofuturistic international festival KAMWA.

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