Ohio Village (US)

Ohio Village is a living history museum in Columbus, Ohio, United States. The village provides a first-hand view of life in Ohio during the American Civil War. Presently, focus is on the 1890s.

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The 22 buildings that make up the village are a mixture of reproductions and historic structures moved to the site. Used for lots of Ohio Village happenings, the Town Hall is also the centre of entertainment in town! One can act out scripts from shows, step up on the stage and give a speech or check out posters for traveling shows.
At J. Holbrook, Photographer visitors can star in their own 1890s photo shoot, and see how they compare to photos from the time period. Use costumes and props to take photos and see how you look as an 1890s resident.
At Barrington Bicycles one can learn about this popular 1890s activity and have your picture taken on a high wheel bicycle, take a spin around a village on adult-sized tricycle or see what other things the shopkeeper is tinkering with.
Murphy’s Lodging House is a much-needed stopping place for weary travellers.
One can enjoy old-fashioned games like stilts, and hoop and stick, or have a seat on one of the benches and take in the sites.
In 1995 a large traditional church was constructed to allow formal weddings to be scheduled in the village. Other buildings include the Print Shop, General Store and Masonic Lodge, Education Center, Pharmacy, Blacksmith Shop, Tinsmith Shop, Broom and Basket Shop, Cabinetmaker/Undertaker's Shop, Harnessmaker's and Weaver's shops, Ladies' Soldiers Aid Society, Village Bakery, Market House, Livery Stable, Schoolhouse, Doctor's Office and Residence, the Ohio Village Bank, the Colonel Crawford Inn and the Elk's Head Tavern.

Text Source: Ohiohistory.org & Wikipedia
Photo: Ohio Village in the Fall, by Ryan Lintelman - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1303605


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