Parco Archeologico del Lago Pistono (IT)

The Parco Archeologico del Lago Pistono is a cultural project aiming to integrate environment, history and nature. Its proposed path is correctly addressed towards Piemonte nord-occidentale’s prehistory and protohistory. Through the guided route it can be learned how and of what the Neolitic human communities used to live and how cultural progress influenced their everyday life.

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The union of archaeological and naturalistic zones show is to the visitor show, 7,000 years ago, humans and environment were tightly bonded and even today we can feel it. The landscape study is also a primary objective to research, ranging from prehistory to the Middle Ages.

The open-air buildings reconstructions is a combined scientific and educational effort together with safety, towards a better comprehension of the Middle Neolithic building techniques, finding its base in the Neolithic archaeological sites found in Northern Italy and further north. Besides the hut, there are some complementary buildings, as a warehouse and a stable with its enclosure.

Plant and animal remains found within the archaeological site are essential to defining what and how the neolithic village people ate. An English translation of base and further topics have been made available, to let everyone easily enjoy the Lago Pistono site.


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