Parque Arqueológico de Burrén (ES)

The archaeological park of the Early Iron Age is located at the bank of the river Huecha in the municipality of Zaragoza Fréscano, at the foot of the archaeological site of Burrén-Burrena after which it is named, belonging to the so-called Urnfield Culture. It is the first archaeological park in Spain devoted to this period of prehistory, and aims to combine interdisciplinary teaching and archaeological research in a single project.

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The Huecha Valley and Fréscano Township are rich in archaeology. Five archaeological sites are known, belonging to the Late Bronze / Early Iron age and are declared as Sites of Cultural Interest (BIC). This was the reason why the park was established in 2001, opened in 2010.
The Archaeological Park has a house (re)constructed of the Early Iron Age (the Agora), an area dedicated to experimental archeology and botany trails. All the necessary services for the convenience of visitors like a sitting area et cetera are included.
Before one enters the park there is a 12-minute audiovisual and museum visit, where visitors are introduced into the Urnfield Culture and its archaeological artifacts. Both the audiovisual presentation and the museum are found at the multipurpose building in the Fréscano town centre.

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