Parque Arqueológico Los Cipreses (ES)

Enclosed in the industrial southern part of the town of Lorca (Murcia), the Archaeological Park of Los Cipreses occupies the site of an important settlement which dates back to the 3rd millennium BC, and belongs to the so called El Algar Culture. It had eight huts of oval shape, half dug in the soil and with stone walls. The settlement was discovered in 1992 during building works for the local sports centre and was therefore excavated.

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After three years of emergency excavations, the regional government of Murcia decided to run the project of the park and to hold excavations on a regular basis. With the aid of the local and regional Employment centres and with funding from the social European fund and the local committee, the park was built in 2002 and 2003. In 2004 the park opened and it was the first to illustrate the El Algar Culture in the plains.
The park shows different parts. The first is the archaeological reserve and the original restored village, complete of a garden which shows Bronze Age essences. The didactic area offers the space to run hands on activities and shows reconstructions of some of the most important archaeological features of the Argaric Culture (e.g. tombs). One of the houses has been reconstructed out of the archaeological site with experimental archaeology methods both in the building techniques both in the furnishing. The park is run by the Junto a Polideportivo la Torrecilla of Lorca.



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