Pennsbury Manor (US)

Pennsbury Manor is a reconstruction of William Penn’s home along the Delaware River. The reconstruction, based upon archaeological finds, written documents, and research of the period, was opened to the public in 1939.

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Today, Pennsbury sits on 43 acres of peaceful green space in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The Manor itself is furnished with an outstanding collection of late 17th-century furniture and objects, while the outbuildings contain reproductions that allow visitors to experience history through demonstrations and hands-on activities.

Our gardens contain heritage plants, while our stables house the resident farm animals who represent their colonial counterparts. Join us at one of our Sundays at Pennsbury events, where you can watch our colonial craftspeople demonstrate their skill at open hearth cooking, joynery, or blacksmithing; learn about the gardens and gardeners, or visit with our animals and discover what their role was in the 17th Century.


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