Prähistorische Siedlung Pestenacker (DE)

In 1934, an extraordinarily well preserved Neolithic settlement was discovered at Pestenacker. The culture layer was maximum 1.2 metres thick. Mayor excavations took place as well between 1988-1993.

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The wet surface of the ‘lost creek’ conserved many objects among which pottery, tools, jewellery but as well crops and all kinds of food. Wooden items and walls of houses were found as well, dating to for example 3496 BC. Every repair or new constructed item is discernible at present. Some of the finds were attracting a lot of attention, being found so close to where they were used last, the oldest peice of textile in Bavaria or a dagger of the type “Ötzi” also was carrying. Never before, the construction and function of Bavarian Stone Age houses could be investigated into such detail. Shortly after the excavations in 1993, an association was founded to reconstruct the Neolithic village – nowadays it counts 19 dwellings where one can learn more about the Stone Age life in this area near the Alps. The site also has an indoor museum with explanations about the excavation and the context of the settlement.

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