Prazgodvinska Naselbina Gradisce (SI)

1960 a Bronze Age settlement, a rectangular fortified site, was discovered on a Pleistocene terrace near the river Ščavnica. The site was named Gradišče. In the early 1980s,the western part was excavated by the Murska Sobota Regional Museum.

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Remains of houses and furnaces were found up to 1.4 metres deep as well as stone agricultural implements, loom weights and ceramics. It was possible to connect the site with fields nearby, used over the same period.

It was decided to reconstruct parts of the 6,500 years old settlement within the project “Razkriški kot”. This is a cooperation between the municipality of Razkrižje, the local tourist association and the Murska Sobota Regional Museum.

The village one can visit now is based upon research of the original site of Gradišče, combined with sources of Bronze Age settlements elsewhere. The houses are elongated, with upright posts, the space between them filled with thinner posts and wattle and daub. The entrance usually was on a short side, most often at a side protected from the wind. For the roofs, there are various options: a wooden construction could be covered with either straw or reed.

The reconstructed village is now run by the local authorities and different Bronze Age activities are performed for tourists with employees dressed up.

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