Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm (US)

The Remick Country Doctor Museum and Farm is located in the heart of Tamworth Village, where the lives of country doctors and farming still breathe today. Left as a foundation, Dr. Edwin Crafts Remick left his beloved homes, buildings, barns and more to be preserved for public enjoyment, learning and exploration.

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Since, 1996 the Remick Museum and Farm's doors have been open to the public with farm tours, exhibits depicting over 200 years of history, historic activities, wagon or sleigh rides, gardens, farm stands, sustainability workshops, summer camp and so much more. We invite you to come and explore a real working farm where you can get lost in its beauty and simplicity.
The museum has a great staff of talented and knowledgeable artisans and historians. There are tours daily, as well as workshops, educational programs, and special events designed for everyone; families, adults, groups, and schools.

The museum is housed in the actual home and office of two local doctors, a father and son, who served this small community for almost a hundred years right into the 1980s.
There are also seasonal events, such as the Victorian Christmas Celebration, the Halloween Festival, an annual auction, historic cooking demonstrations, maple sugar making, ice harvesting, sleigh rides, and more. The staff go all out for these events.

1700s to early 1900s

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