Repora (CZ)

At the site of a former clay extraction site, in 1999-2000, a small “model” medieval village was built. The fictional village Tulezim (the name is derived from a fairy tale) transports the visitor back to the 14th / 15th century and shows the life, architecture and habits of those days.

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Originally 15 dwellings, including a small village church were constructed, some of which burnt down, cause arson in June 2003, three others in 2019. By 2009, six homesteads are presented with housing and agricultural buildings, a church, covered market and a fort. All houses are modelled after “how it could have been”, not after specific excavations or historic houses. Buildings do not look authentic, it is a "fantasy" style. 

The site would welcome maintenance applying good craftsmanship as houses are become less hospitable and kilns are falling apart. Today´s Řepora serves only as a film scenic set and scenery for movies. It is not open to the public. 

Closed in 2009.

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