Roman Vicus Eisenberg (DE)

The Roman Eisenberg takes an early beginning shortly before the year Zero and seems to have been inhabited until the late 5th century. The livelihood of the settlement and the rapid rise is attributed to iron production. Extensive and meter-high slag heaps from the 1st century confirm an industrial production of iron.

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In the late 18th century, the ancient Palatine Elector Carl Theodor sent researchers here to salvage Roman stone monuments for the Elector Antiquarium in Mannheim. The ruins of the late antique Burgus were still visible during those days. Since then, many finds have been documented and reports have been written. A first highlight was the work of Christian Mehlis in the second half of the 19th century. Another author is Friedrich Sprater in the early 20th century, who dealt intensively with the Roman settlement and published excavation reports.

In 1992, another phase of intense research began in the Roman Eisenberg, which necessitated the construction of a bypass. Since then, archaeological excavations have been systematically carried out in Eisenberg (Pfalz). These are executed by the Directorate General for Cultural Heritage, Speyer Branch, in cooperation with the University of Heidelberg and the City of Eisenberg (Pfalz). To this day, research in and around the Roman Vicus Eisenberg continues.

In 2008, a protective structure over the partly excavated Roman row house was completed in 2008 in time for the first Roman festival. Since 2012, the emerging Roman park has been significantly supported and promoted by a development association.

The terrain is freely accessible, signage and reconstructed basement, give a first impression. During the excavations, the shelter is open during the day and can be visited where you can look over the shoulder of the archaeologists. From April to October every 2nd Sunday the shelter is open from 15:00h onward. That day, there is also a public tour. Visits at other times can be arranged at request. 

0-480 AD

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