Römervilla Möckenlohe (DE)

The association behind the Roman Villa was founded in 1983 in order to safeguard in cooperation with the Bavarian Landesdamt für Bodendenkmalpflege the excavated walls and artefacts. As a second step, together with the Landesstelle für die Nichtstaatlichen Museen, one reconstructed the central complex of the Villa Rustica on top of the original foundations and exhibited all artefacts on the original spot.

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The Portico or porch points towards the garden of the Villa where today unfortunately a street is situated. In the facilities area you will find a working floor heating system, baking house and stables. The location of the windows aroused problems. At the end they were made where in the original villa heaps of waste were found. The shape of the iron bars in the windows goes back to an original find. The height of the windows is an estimate. The Roman Animal Park behind the villa shows what kind of breeds the Romans were keeping. The breeds resemble the original Roman animals pretty well if compared to bone finds and images on Roman reliefs. Some of the breeds are wool pigs, black nosed sheep, Walliser goats, fallow deer, long horned cows and dogs. In the first weekend of August, a Roman harvest event takes place here including parade, Roman market and riding on a wagon pulled by horses.


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