Rosala Viking Centre (FI)

Rosala has both an indoor and an outdoor museum area. Illustrating how Viking Age life around the Kyrksundet (the sound between Hitis and Rosala) must have been like. Information for the reconstructed houses came from an excavation about 5 kilometres down the road.

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Imagine that due to the absence of glacial ice, the surface has risen 4 metres here since Viking Age. In the exhibition, attention is paid to the heroic Viking life, with their clothes and weapons, trade, and Viking Mythology.
The outdoor site consists among others of the chieftain hall “Rodeborg”, focus of worldly and religious leadership. This is the place where you can book a room for the night, 36 beds are available in total, and during summer additional 8 beds in Viking tents. Use of the modern sauna is included. There is an archaeological test site to teach visitors about the original findings and how they were made. A reconstruction of an 11th century (early) Christian chapel can be visited as well, with an altar dedicated to the Holy Mary and an altar picture showing the majestic Christ on His throne in heaven. Besides these buildings, there is a smithy, a field labyrinth, a sacrificial stone and finally a Viking merchant’s house by the name of Farmansgården.

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