Sainte-Marie among the Hurons (CA)

Sainte-Marie among the Hurons was a French Jesuit settlement in Wendake, the land of the Wendat, near modern Midland, Ontario, from 1639 to 1649. It was the first European settlement in Ontario. Sainte-Marie became the Jesuit headquarters in Huronia but when the mission was deserted in 1649, the remaining missionaries burnt it to the ground.

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Starting in 1964, Sainte-Marie was reconstructed as a historical site and living museum. All of the buildings and their contents are reproductions. A popular tourist attraction, it draws thousands of visitors each week during the summer months. The site is managed by Huronia Historical Parks, an agency of the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

Visitors to Sainte-Marie among the Hurons can marvel at a world that existed over 370 years ago. This impressive reconstruction takes you back in time to a story of cultural contact, determination, drama, and survival. A colourful audio-visual presentation sets the stage for your journey. As you explore the historic site, you will sense the challenges faced by those who founded and worked at this famous mission. Throughout the summer, active demonstrations by historically costumed staff provide insight into 17th century European and Native culture, lifestyle, and technology. Exploring the European compound at Sainte-Marie puts you in touch with technology used four centuries ago. Some tools, such as block planes and braces and bits, have changed little over time. Making holes with the historic pump drill delights kids of all ages, and sharply contrasts to modern carpentry tools. The Blacksmith shop was originally staffed by a Jesuit lay brother. This "man of iron" fascinated the visiting natives as he executed his craft.

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