Skansen Archeologiczny Grodzisko w Sopocie (PL)

The “settlement at Sopot” as theis museum is called shwos visitors the results of research done by the Archaeological Museum in Gdańsk into the world of the early Medieval Pomeranians.

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It explains about the history of settlement in Sopot, living conditions and daily activities of its people, old crafts, weapons and contemporary ways of erecting fortifications and houses.
It is commonly known as “the Castle Top” or ”the Frying Pan” and situated on a hill, approximately 400 metres from the shore of the Gdańsk Bay. The museum is an excellent location for crafts presentations or better archery and sword fights. There is an annual archaeological festival, a large cultural event which brings together many actors and crafts persons. The pavilion shows archaeological items found in Sopot and has a great attraction to visitors – how were these artefacts made and used? Occasionally, archaeologists present their research here and the multimedia presentations offer wide range of topics, allowing learning more about our history and deepen the knowledge of the times that shaped Polish identity.

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