Slawendorf Brandenburg an der Havel (DE)

In Brandenburg an der Havel the Slawendorf is a true to scale (re)construction of a slavic village which shows life in the XI century AD.

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The site on which the village was built from 2004 (after the boat Dragomira was inaugurated), had a remarkable history.
Now the site is transformed in a full village with houses built according to excavation data and representing the major building techniques used by the slavic population (wattle and daub, sunken pit and block houses). Other structures, such as ovens, craft laboratories, canoes and ship complete the village. The visitors can moreover experience first hand all the techniques illustrated as well as participate to the "slavic pentathlon". The slavic boat can be used to navigate the Havel for a two to three hours trip.
Live interpretation is used thoroughly to involve the visitor and educational and entertainment programmes are also available (it is possible to have an historical dinner on site on request).
There is also the chance for accomodation on site.

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