Steinzeitpark Zeitreise Heldenberg (NÖ) (AT)

The Schmidatal in Niederösterreich, not far from Vienna, is known for its wines and has a rich history. During excavations not far from Grosswetzdorf a Neolithic monument was discovered. It exists of a combination of circles of large piles and deep ditches. It might have been an (astronomical?) monument, possibly linked to burial rituals.

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When 2006 the Lower Austrian National Exhibition (Niederösterreichische Landesausstellung) took place in Heldenberg, it was soon decided to reconstruct this together with a furnished dwelling. The work has been executed by the Vienna Institute of Archaeological Science (VIAS). The park like area is next to the Radetzky memorial, a monument to the Austrian hero who led his army against Napoleon and an English garden in Victorian style. These three attractions are presented as a single outing, “time travel Heldenberg”.
During the Landesausstellung, hundreds of thousands of people visited the three sites. Nowadays, on special occasions, the Neolithic dwelling and the rest of the Stone Age park is stage to workshops and demonstrations.


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