Stenaldercentret Ertebølle (DK)

Ertebølle is a famous Danish Mesolithic site. In the 19th century, a large so called ‘køkkenmødding’ (shell midden) was excavated. The diet in those days was mainly seafood. Other more recently excavated Ertebølle (ca 5,300 BC-3,950 BC) sites are Skateholm and Tybrind Vig.

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With a great view over the Limfjord, the visitor centre on the slopes of the Ertebølle Bjerg, houses a permanent archaeological exhibition. Outside, a Mesolithic settlement is reconstructed to teach children and adults in a creative way so they can see how things were developed and used in the Mesolithic. Stone tools are produced on the spot, there are huts and canoes et cetera.

Sources of inspiration are both archaeology and ethnography. Archaeologists were involved in the conception, but at present, they are not actively involved except when advice is asked.


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