Terra Maris Motte and Bailey Castle (NL)

In the Terramaris museum, where the landscape of Zeeland is illustrated, a Motte-and-Bailey medieval castle was (re)constructed in 2011.

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The medieval castle is a good example of woodworking techniques in fortifications, and there are few similar ones in Europe. The upper court, devoted to be the dwelling of nobelmen, is built, accordingly with the original ones, on an artificial earthwork (motte) and is protected by a solid wooden fence made of poles. The daily life was instead carried out in a village at the foot of the motte (the bailey) which was usually surrounded by a moat.
By reconstructing the castle, the Terra Maris museum gives the visitors the opportunity to understand how to "read" their own landscape, as even today one can appreciate the remnants of the original sites in the surrounding area.
The interior of the motte is furnished with simple medieval replicas and is open to the public.
The (re)construction was the fruit of a joint project by the EU Agricultural Fund and the province of Zeeland, and other institutions.
Within the grounds of the Terra Maris museum, as well as experiencing the natural landscape of the area, families are also invited to join the "prehistoric afternoon" in which they can experience some hands on activities.

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