Turmhügelburg Lütjenburg (DE)

At short distance from Kiel, you will find the village of Lütjenburg, dating back partly to the Middle Ages. On the edge of the city centre along the Nienthal, a medieval like castle is being constructed with a ditch and a hill, as part of a European project. 50% is paid with local sponsorships.

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Most of the work is done by hand, like the construction of the wooden tower, forge and chapel. There are plans for a “phase 2 & 3”. The buildings are based on research into different archaeological remains of the 13th century, older sources like even the Bayeux Tapestry et cetera.

There are many activities here during the season, with many living history actors demonstrating working methods like in the old days. The website mentions several events and of course building will continue for quite a while... There are guided tours on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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