Ukranenland (DE)

Since 1995, historic building activities are taking place in Torgelow. This includes the building of an Early Medieval village (9th – 10th century) as well as ship construction the way it could have been in the past. From 2006 onward, there is also an indoor area called Castrum Turglowe focusing on the year 1281 in this village.

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Crafts demonstrated in the open air museum are among others bronze casting, making pottery and forging iron. The historical market days are events on their own. Historical ship reconstructions like the Slavian Svarog can be visited here. Many of the activities have been facilitated by European Union projects, leaving the museum with many international contacts.

House constructions in Ukranenland are showing different styles: log building, building with posts sunk into the earth and combinations with wattle and daub. At the historical ship wharf about 4 wooden vessles have been built since the mid 1990s. These projects are coordinated by shipwright Krotz and executed with young unemployed people.

Ukranenland is also known for its music group “Cantilena”. The group has six members and plays at the Ukranenland since 1999.

Picture by Frank Breter

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