Freilichtmuseum Frühmittelalterdorf Unterrabnitz (OP) (AT)

When in October 2002 a bridge was built over the Rabnitz in Mittenburgenland, archaeological artefacts were found. Less than half a year later, the Mayor of Unterrabnitz, Wilhelm Heißenberger commissioned a plan for an early medieval archaeological open air museum.

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There are not many themed with this period in Middle Europe, but Austria has a tradition in archaeological open air museums. In October 2003, the association responsible for realising and maintaining the archaeological open air museum was founded and with means of the Burgenland government and from LEADER (European money), the construction could take off. VIAS, the Vienna Institute of Archaeological Science has been coordinating and executing the construction of the museum.

There are about 6 buildings and some workshops for crafts, like for ceramics production, and a smithy, all surrounded by a palisade. More medieval constructions are in planning. The museum shows the life in the period 500 – 1000 AD

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