Village Gaulois Coriobona (FR)

The living history group "The Gaul of Esse" constructed an Iron Age village of about 4 hectares like the first century BC. The most important source were the excavations at St Gence prés de Limoges, added to which information from other sources.

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In the Iron Age, this area was inhabited by the Lemovics. Besides a classic Roman / Gaul defensive wall (Murus Gallicus) there is a temple, the seat of the village chief and several workshops.
The village is furnished and made into a living village by the group. They organise events which are attended by other groups which reconstruct the Antique Era or Iron Age, archaeologists, professionals in reconstruction et cetera. The Gaul from Esse reconstruct weapons, clothes, food and kitchen ware, buildings, accessories and all what touches upon the Gaul life. It is a fine combination of experiment and living history. Research is done in roofing of the buildings and how they wear under the climate and usage. Activities are running at themed events as well as on regular days of the year.

Picture by Sémoy


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