Worcester Museum (ZA)

Situated on the R60 near Kleinplasie, the Worcester Museum portrays pioneer agricultural life at the Western Cape with live demonstrations and exhibitions. It is open daily. Rural trades and domestic activities are demonstrated regularly.

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Demonstrations include the processing of tobacco, baking of bread, milling of wheat, forging of metal and the use of livestock. Soap making, coffee making and candle making are demonstrated on alternate days. Guided tours are available from Monday to Saturday. The museum library and archive is open for research purposes from Monday to Friday. The museum has a shop and restaurant. Witblits tastings and sales are available at the museum reception.
The school offers lessons linked to pioneer agricultural life. The museum in partnership with Bridging Ages Western Cape offers time travels, an immersing program for school groups exploring local history. This is a concept originally developed in Sweden at Kalmar Lans Museum, now applied worldwide.
The museum dates from 1940. The open air farm complex was opened in 1982.

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