Yacimiento Arqueológico de Castellón Alto (ES)

The incredible settlement, placed on a white stone cylindrical spur, is the most ancient to be open to the public in Andalucía. It is located few kilometres west of the village of Galera. The site dates back to the culture of Argar (1800 BC).

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The archaeological importance of the settlement was discovered in 1982 with research and excavations by the University of Granada. The site had a village for about 80 people, an enclosing wall, a huge hidden water tank, but it was the discovery of the mummy of Castellon Alto (2002) to drive attention to the site. The archaeological remains have been restored, one hut was entirely reconstructed and some tombs were reconstructed in situ. The action won a National Prize for Conservation and Restoration in 2005.



37.740187, -2.566079