Yaluturovsk Burg (RU)

Dear Yalutorov residents and guests of the city! Yalutorovsky prison opened its doors again! Yalutorovskiy Ostrog was recreated on the site of the Tatar settlement. The Prison is a unique historical object and display for tourists, built and opened on the 350th anniversary of the city Yalutorov. A high palisade with watchtowers protects the territory known for its centuries-old traditions. This later became the exile of the Decembrists.

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In Yalutorovskiy Ostrog you can plunge into the world of peasant life, feel and enjoy the traditions of Russian culture. On the territory of the prison you will find crafts’ houses where the following crafts are demonstrated: patchwork, carpet weaving, pottery, weaving and painting on wood. There is also a smithy, a well-crane and shooting range. The exhibition hall shows products of Yalutorov masters as well as information on the first settlers. The dungeon contains an archeological exhibition with a house of the Bronze Age, a fragment of an archaeological excavation, an armory, a torture room and a chancery. One can also enjoy the observation deck or souvenir shop.

Yalutorovskiy Ostrog hosts several Russian folk festivals and events, including the Winter fairy tale "Berendeevo kingdom", Christmas festival, the Folk festival "Siberian Shrovetide", the Festival-fair "Kvasnaya feast - for the whole world", the August Spas as well as Singing summer in Ostrog, the national holiday "Ivan Kupala", the Orthodox holiday of the Holy Trinity and others.

One can combine a visit to the park Yalutorovsky Ostrog with activities in the neighboorhood including sightseeing the old town, art & craft workshops or for example conducting a wedding ceremony which includes ransom of the bride and sending the bride to family life in Russian folk traditions.

Text source: artvoyag.ru
Photo: Музейный комплекс "Ялуторовский острог" (г. Ялуторовск, ул. Ленина, 5). Вид с реки Тобол. Photo by Дмитрий Кошелев - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=23116645


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