South Florida Fair & Palm Beach County Expositions, INC., Yesteryear Village (US)

Yesteryear Village is a history park nestled on 10 acres, showcasing buildings and artifacts from the 1895’s to the 1945’s.

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Florida’s rich history... in your own backyard! When you walk into Yesteryear Village, you are transported to a different time... A time when schools were located in one small building and houses did not have running water... A time when people had goats, chickens, and sheep in their backyards... And a time when life was simple.

You are invited to come inside these buildings during a guided tour, where you will marvel at the period furnishings and items from the era.

Discover a large collection of early, original and replicated buildings including an old school, a farm, a blacksmith shop, a general store, and several houses. We also have the only big band museum in the United States, the Sally Bennett Big Band Hall of Fame Museum.

Shoppers of all ages will be delighted by our unique items at the General Store.

Main Image: Amish Quilt Village of Yesteryear Folk Art

1895 to 1945

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