Zeme Keltu (CZ)

The open-air museum called "The Land of Celts" (Země Keltů originally) is in the town Nasavrky, Pardubice region, Czechia. The goal of the project is to build a reconstruction of a Celtic oppidum, which could have existed approximately between 150 B.C. and 50 B.C. in Bohemia back then. All main buildings are based on the Czech archaeological excavations related to La Téne culture.

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Buildings are structured into farmsteads typical for Celtic “towns”. There are five of them and each is dedicated to specific craft (blacksmith, pottery making, weaving, …) which also implies the richness of farmstead. For instance – there is a blacksmith’s farmstead which consist of Blacksmith’s house, forge, granary, henhouse, sunken-floored house of the blacksmith’s assistant. Main inspiration and reason why site exists is near presence of archaeological site in České Lhotice, where used to be a Celtic oppidum – the only one known in East Bohemia and one of the eight known oppida in Czechia The construction of our gate is based on an archaeological research of České Lhotice oppidum.
The construction started in 2011. Site was opened to public in 2016. Construction is still in progress. Old buildings are being renewed and equipped and new are being build. The place is used for education, teambuilding, cultural events, LARPs, filming etc.

Goal is to create living venue. Visitor can meet sheep, hens, goats, and cats. Sometimes visitor can meet carpenter working on a new building during visit. Buildings are not equipped in a museum style, but everything is working and tested in real use. The biggest event is The International Festival of Celtic Culture, which is held at the end of July each year. It is cultural event combining reenactment with “Celtic” music concerts. The project is non-profit, realized by Boii NGO.



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