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2nd International Competition of Historical Painting: The Cyrillic Script

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In honour of Bulgarian literature and culture, the Historical Park organises

the Second International Competition-Exhibition of Historical Painting entitled "the Cyrillic Script".

Eleven centuries ago, one of the creators of the Slavic alphabet, Constantine-Cyril the Philosopher, declared in his fiery speech "All nations are naked without books." At the heart of his statement lies the knowledge that the history of every nation begins with the birth of the written word, and without writing and language, it loses its cultural future, memory and history. At that time, medieval Bulgaria was a gateway to the Eastern Orthodox Christian culture of the Slavic peoples - a state that gave the world the fourth written language, which preserved the identity and culture of many people in centuries of struggle.

Every artist who finds inspiration in this topic can participate in the competition.

The Historical Park, in Neofit Rilski, Bulgaria, will be its host and organiser,  from 01.05.2021 to 30.05.2021.

All artists from Bulgaria and abroad can present through their works the significance of the Cyrillic script from their point of view. The subject of the paintings should cover the time period from the creation of the Cyrillic alphabet to the end of the XV century and reflect its distribution around the world.

The competition will be held on the grounds of the Historical Park, to give the opportunity to the lucky visitors of the site to discover and admire the mastery and inspiration of the artists, as well as online, to give the possibility to every art enthusiast, wherever he might be, to feast his eyes on every detail of the masterful paintings, as if he could touch it.