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Ancient Festival - Gladius 2021

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Czech Republic

Curia Vitkov and Legio X. GPF, in cooperation with other associations of revived history, invite you to the traditional ancient festival in the courtyard of Curia Vitkov!

As part of the composed program, various groups of historical fencing and reenactement from all over the country will be introduced and will introduce you to the military of the Roman legions, ancient Celts or Germans, etc.! You and your children can experience what the hard training of a legionnaire under the cane of a hard centurion entailed.

Those of you who are not only interested in fighting will certainly be interested in some ancient jobs - for example, a Roman chef or a military surveyor, or try something from life in a barbaric camp.

The program will also include the opportunity to see the area of ​​the early medieval open-air museum Curia Vitkov. If you are tired of fighting and demonstrations, you can refresh yourself in our covered tavern.