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Anglo-Saxon Construction Week

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United Kingdom

In January 2019, the staff at Newhaven Coppice will immerse themselves in the world of our Anglo-Saxon ancestors. For a week we will inhabit the woodland, working with the tools of the period and really experiencing what it may have been like to live and build 1400 years ago. We are inviting you to join and work alongside us, every other day of this project.

With the Longhall construction on pause, we will be looking to start and complete a complimentary structure to the settlement at Newhaven Coppice: a sunken hut. Within the confines of a week, we will be working all the timbers, thatching the roof, wattling and daubing the walls, just as they did. 

For £60 a day you can join us on this project; at the beginning of the week we'll be taking you through how to hew timber with traditional axes and how to cut the classic 'tap-lock and tusk' joint. As the week progresses we'll be assembling the posts and ridgepole, raising and pegging the rafters, then on to wattling the whole structure ready for thatching. At the very end, if there's time we'll be mixing up and applying the daub to the inside of the walls. 

This is not just a course, but a week of experimental and experiential archaeology.

Whether you come for a day or three, you will walk away with a solid understanding of how to use a variety of traditional green woodworking tools and techniques, along with an intimate knowledge of Anglo-Saxon archaeology. 

Please select which day(s) you would like to sign up below (if you are really keen to attend, but can only come on a day that is not available, please send us a message and we will consider your case). A hot vegetarian lunch is included. No experience necessary. All tools provided. 

Check the official website for more info and registration.