Newhaven Coppice (UK)

Newhaven Coppice provides a space for craftspeople, volunteers, archaeologists and members of the public to discover more about the lives of people from our shared past.

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It is a working woodland, which has been ever evolving over the years, with an aim of becoming a centre for ancient and traditional crafts, knowledge sharing and experimental archaeology. In 2018, Newhaven Coppice opened its gates to community groups, schools and anyone interested in learning about our native woodland heritage. To compliment and bring the incredibly deep and diverse world of our ancestors to life, we are well on the way to creating an archaeologically accurate representation of an Anglo-Saxon farmstead.

The team who run the site have backgrounds in forestry, archaeology, traditional woodworking, forest schooling, farming and timber framing and use our woodland as a studio, an experimental building site, a timber resource and a classroom. We also provide a service to other Open Air Centres as traditional timber framers and heritage builders.

Annual Number of Visitors

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