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Archery Weekend - Diana, Apollo and their Children

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Apollo, god of archers, and Diana, goddess of the hunt, are the patron saints of our adventurous weekends for parents and children with archery, games, campfires and more. The course offers a special opportunity to spend an intensive time together, to learn interesting facts about archery and, of course, to become active with your own hands. Each team uses simple means to produce a good, functional bow made of rattan, which is also tried out.

The overnight stays in the historic buildings of the Saalburg complete this special experience. The course is for one adult with one child (aged 9-13)

Duration: Friday 4 p.m. to Sunday approx. 2 p.m

Costs: EUR 250.00 per parent-child team including entry, Material, overnight stays in the fort and meals: twice each for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please bring a sleeping pad, sleeping bag and flashlight.

We will send you more information after registration.

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