Calendar of Events

Bow and Arrow Day

open for all

Wolfgang Winkler and Armin Öller accompany the visitors of the Celtic village through the history of the bow and arrow. From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm you can participate in an arrow construction workshop (€ 20, -120min), a bow making workshop (€ 29, - 120min) or a combination workshop (€ 49, - 240min). The self-made arrows and bows can be tested by the workshop participants on site and then take them home.

But even visitors who do not want to attend a workshop can try out archery on that day, using different bows and arrows. The unique experience will be complemented by a lecture by Armin Öller (from 4.00 pm in the Infohouse), which will inform about the development of bows and arrows through the centuries and millennia. 

Contact Info

The participation in the bow and arrow day as well as the visit of the lecture are included in the entrance fee. Participation in the workshops is subject to a charge. For these you are also requested to register in advance at or Tel .: (+43) 7269 6611.