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Bow and Arrow Day

Kind of Event

On Sunday, May 8th, in the Celtic village of Mitterkirchen, the subject of bows and arrows will be addressed again, together with various other long-distance weapons from prehistory and beyond into the 16th century.

Tools such as arrows, bows, slingshots or spears have accompanied people since the Stone Age and have been constantly adapted to the purpose and circumstances; this development would like to be presented in a clear way as part of the one-day special exhibition.

There will be replicas and supplementary illustrations of arrows, bows and quivers, slingshots and spears to admire. You can also look over the shoulders of the exhibitors (D. Garulli, A. Öller, J. Weinbacher) as they manufacture new equipment. Asking questions is expressly encouraged!

For a small fee there will also be the opportunity to shoot with a longbow (under the supervision of W. Winkler).