Calendar of Events

Bow and Arrow Day


Wolfgang Winkler and Armin Öller accompany the visitors of the Celtic village through the history of the bow and arrow. From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm you can participate in an arrow construction workshop (€ 20, -120min), a bow making workshop (€ 29, - 120min) or a combination workshop (€ 49, - 240min). The self-made arrows and bows can be tested by the workshop participants on site and then take them home.

But even visitors who do not want to attend a workshop can try out archery on that day, using different bows and arrows. The unique experience will be complemented by a lecture by Armin Öller (from 4.00 pm in the Infohouse), which will inform about the development of bows and arrows through the centuries and millennia.