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Christmas in the History Park

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Short days, long nights, cold and frozen nature: winter. Even in frosty temperatures, the history park will open its doors this weekend, so that you can look over the shoulder of our performers as they go about their daily activities. Especially in the Middle Ages, the population had to prepare very well for the cold season in order to have enough firewood and food. The days are short and a large part of life takes place around the warming fire. There handicrafts are made, cooked, talked, laughed and the community celebrated.

On Sunday afternoon, a public tour in German or Czech will take you through the history park to the medieval origins of our Christmas festival.

Stroll through our Christmas market on both days with mulled wine, other delicacies, decorative items and handicrafts. The stands are located both on the event forecourt and protected from the weather in the history park building. Entry to the Christmas market is free.

Take the opportunity and visit the Advent market in the German Button Museum.

Our museum restaurant Brot & Zeit offers you winter delicacies to warm you up. If you are still looking for Christmas gifts, then you can stock up on brightly colored, plant-dyed wool, fine cloths, handmade ceramics, filigree ironwork, historical jewelry and many other products that our performers have made in the history park in our museum shop.