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Falcon show


In the Middle Ages it was popular to hunt with falcons if you were a rich nobleman or woman. It was a favorite leisure activity and is seen pictured in many simultaneous illustrations. There are not many in Europe who are still working on the old hunting method with falconry from horseback, but the Medieval Center has a very skilled and professional Czech group visiting and showing their skills.

The group Falconia, which in addition to some human members, also consists of several horses and 8 birds, arrives at the Medieval Center on the weekend of 15-16. June, where they will stay in Sundkøbing and make two big falconeer hows a day both Saturday and Sunday. There will be a show in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The group specializes in historical hunting with birds from horseback, as they did in the 15th century, and they are very talented mediators who know all about how to do and how the birds and horses have been trained for this type of hunting.

From horseback they will take the audience on a journey back to when hunting with birds was the preferred hunting method among the nobility.
They will show how important the cooperation between rider, horse and bird is, in order for the hunt to be successful. It is almost like watching a beautifully done dance.

The shows will be presented in both English and Danish, and you are more than welcome to ask in to the birds after the show.