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MAMUZ Asparn / Zaya, with its unique flair in archaeological open-air landscapes, sets the time back to Celtic times. At the Keltenfest on 26th and 27th May, the 2,500 years almost disappear: the fireplaces are burning, bows are built, leather skins are made and Belts are forged. They had the best iron, so said the Romans, the enemies of the Celts. The Celts are still known for their unique and perfect craftsmanship.

The Keltenfest offers a lot of active program, which also conjures up the smallest visitors' enthusiasm, such as pottery, sword painting, archery, spinning, crafting and spear throwing. We'll show you how the arrow is best in the dark and how colorful swords can be at all!

The Celtic festival at MAMUZ Castle Asparn / Zaya brings Celtic handicrafts, stories, music and a lot of interactive programs.