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Medieval Play Weeks

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the Netherlands

This autumn break, from October 10 to 25, the open-air museum in Eindhoven will organize the medieval toy & play weeks. In 1560, the painter Bruegel made a beautiful print portraying many children's games the youth played during medieval times. Think of knucklebones, pasterns, hoops, and much more. Most of us have never heard of these folk games, while children in the Middle Ages enjoyed themselves every day with them!

Children and adults can play these games from the painting during the autumn holiday. Some toys are fun crafts you can make, other games you play with the historical residents or with your friends and family. Romp around with others or just tinker with the villagers inside. You can of course bring the toys you make home with you, so you can continue to play fun medieval games at home.

The open-air museum preHistorisch Dorp recreates life from prehistoric and medieval eras. It’s one of the most unusual attractions in Eindhoven: a replica of prehistoric and medieval barns and houses, complete with demonstrations of skills used by historic people.

The preHistorisch Dorp currently has a maximum number of visitors per day. It’s therefore necessary to book your ticket to the museum in advance online via

Entrance is € 9,95, children up to three years are free of charge.